Colorado Car Seat Laws: Protecting Your Child on the Road

August 7, 2022 - 9:58 pm - 4 min read

Colorado takes the safety of its occupants very seriously, and this obviously includes children. State Law obliges parents to follow specific car seat laws while driving with their children to ensure they are properly secured. These laws exist to protect children from harm on the road and reduce the number of fatalities and injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents. In this article, we will break down everything you need to know about Colorado car seat laws.

Colorado Car Seat Laws: The Basics

Colorado’s car seat laws require that all children under eight years of age must be buckled into a child restraint system. Children ages eight and older but who are shorter than 4’9″ must use a booster seat. Rear-facing infant seats are compulsory for babies weighing less than 20 pounds and under one year of age. Rear-facing convertible seats or forward-facing seats with a harness may be used for toddlers weighing between 20-40 pounds. Children weighing between 40-80 pounds and measuring under 4’9″ must use a booster seat, and a seat belt should be used when a child reaches the age of eight or if he or she is taller than 4’9″.

Penalties for not Complying with The Colorado Car Seat Laws

In Colorado, violations for not using a child safety seat can lead to serious consequences. The first offence results in a fine of up to $82 and one point added to your driving record. This amount could increase in case of subsequent violations. In addition to penalties, non-compliance with Colorado car seat laws could land you in a serious fight when you, your loved ones, or your passengers suffer serious injuries in an accident.

Why Car Seat Laws Matter

Car seats are not just legal requirements; they can save your child’s life. Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death and injuries among young children. According to the NHTSA, car seats have been shown to reduce fatalities by up to 71% among infants and 54% among toddlers. Children who use seats and boosters with proper restraints have been shown to suffer far less serious injuries than those who do not use proper restraints.

Tips for Buying and Installing Car Seats

Here are a few tips for buying and installing your child safety seat in Colorado:

Check the Labeling:

When buying a car seat, check the label to make sure the seat is certified for use in motor vehicles. The label can provide a lot of helpful information about the seat, including the recommended height or weight limits and expiration date, if any.

Install and Secure the Safety Seat Properly:

Many parents don’t install car seats correctly. Therefore, follow the manufacturer instructions carefully, and make sure the seat is properly installed and secured before using it.

Register the Car Seat:

Be sure to register the car seat with the manufacturer so you can be promptly informed in the case of a recall.

Upgrade When Necessary:

Children grow quickly, so be sure to update your child’s safety seat as they grow out of it. Make sure it is appropriate for their height and age.


Failing to use the appropriate child restraint system can result in injuries and even death. It is therefore crucial for parents who travel with their children to take extra steps to ensure their safety by obeying Colorado’s Car Seat Laws. The state continues to make revisions to these laws to meet current standards and advances in technology, so make sure to keep up-to-date with any changes. Always choose a car seat that is age-appropriate, secure, and has been approved and certified by the government. Remember, your child’s life is priceless, and adhering to these regulations can save it.


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