If you’re driving with children in Maryland, it’s essential to know the car seat laws to ensure their safety in a car. Maryland law mandates all car owners to comply with child restraint laws as per the age and weight of the child. Failing to follow these laws can lead to hefty fines, license suspension, and even imprisonment. This article will delve into the car seat laws in Maryland.

Types of Car Seats

Maryland law requires children below eight years of age or weighing less than 65 pounds to use either a rear-facing car seat, forward-facing car seat, or booster seat. For children under the age of two, they must ride in a rear-facing seat, and once they outgrow it, they should progress to a forward-facing seat. When the child outgrows the forward-facing seat before eight years of age, they must switch to a booster seat until they are tall enough to use a seatbelt.

Car Seat Placement

Maryland law requires all children under the age of eight to ride in the back seat unless there’s no back seat in the car, or the back seat is already occupied by other children under the age of eight. When the child reaches the age of eight, they can ride in the front seat, but only if they weigh more than 65 pounds.

Penalties for Non-compliance

Maryland law stipulates that “a person may not transport a child under the age of 16 years unless the child is restrained in an appropriate child restraint system.” Failure to comply with the child restraint laws can result in fines from $50 to $83 for the first offense. For subsequent offenses, violators face a fine of $100. In addition to the fines, failure to comply with these laws could lead to license points and county-issued citations.

Installation of Car Seats

Maryland law requires all motorists transporting children to ensure that the child restraint system is correctly installed and secured. Improper installation could compromise the safety of the child on board. For example, a car seat that moves around puts a child’s safety at risk because it could fly off during an accident.


Maryland law allows several exceptions to the child restraint laws. A child may ride without a car seat if they weigh more than 65 pounds, are eight years old or older, or taller than 4’9″. Additionally, children under 16 may ride in the back seat without a restraint system if the driver isn’t their parent or guardian.

In conclusion, understanding Maryland’s car seat laws is vital for parents and other motorists with children on board. The laws require all children below the age of eight or weighing less than 65 pounds to use a child restraint system. The improper installation and failure to comply with these laws could result in hefty fines, county-issued citations, and license points. By being mindful of these rules, we can ensure the safety of our youngest passengers while we travel on Maryland roads.

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