What is the Georgia Law for Buying a Used Car?

June 19, 2023 - 8:48 am - 3 min read

Georgia Lemon Law

The Georgia Lemon Law requires car dealerships to provide buyers with a warranty when they purchase a used vehicle. Under this law, any vehicle that has been driven less than 100,000 miles and is less than 10 years old must have a 90-day warranty. If any mechanical or safety issues arise during this period, the dealership is required to cover the cost of repairs. However, it is important to note that this law only applies to dealerships and not private sellers.

Vehicle History Report

Before purchasing a used car in Georgia, it is important to obtain a vehicle history report. This document will provide information about any accidents or damage the car has sustained, as well as its previous owners. It is also a good way to verify that the car is not stolen and that the odometer has not been tampered with. Vehicle history reports can be obtained from companies such as Carfax and AutoCheck.

Bill of Sale

A bill of sale is a legal document that provides proof of ownership of the vehicle. In Georgia, a bill of sale is required when purchasing a used car. This document should include the names and addresses of both the buyer and seller, as well as the make, model, and year of the vehicle. It should also list the purchase price and any other terms of the sale.

Inspection Requirements

There are no state-mandated inspection requirements for used cars in Georgia. However, buyers may want to have the car inspected by a mechanic before making a purchase. This can help identify any potential mechanical problems and give the buyer an idea of what repairs may be needed in the future.

Title Transfer

When purchasing a used car in Georgia, the title must be transferred to the new owner. The seller is responsible for providing the buyer with a signed title, which should include the purchase price and odometer reading. The buyer must then take the title to the Georgia Department of Revenue to have it transferred into their name. This process requires paying a transfer fee and obtaining a new registration and license plate.

In conclusion, purchasing a used car in Georgia requires following specific laws and regulations. It is important to obtain a vehicle history report, have a bill of sale, consider inspection requirements, and ensure proper title transfer. By following these guidelines, buyers can make an informed and legally sound purchase.


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