What Does Alabama Law Enforcement Car Tags Look Like?

December 30, 2022 - 6:52 am - 3 min read


Alabama state laws require all law enforcement vehicles to display distinctive car tags that distinguish them from regular civilian vehicles. These car tags serve as an additional form of identification for law enforcement vehicles and play a crucial role in public safety. It is essential for Alabama residents to recognize these car tags to prevent any misunderstanding or confusion with regular civilian vehicles.

Alabama Law Enforcement Car Tag Design

Alabama law enforcement car tags have a black background and white lettering. The letters “LE” are prominently displayed on the left side of the tag, followed by a unique identification number. The identification numbers help law enforcement agencies track their vehicles. The distinctive tag makes the job of the public and law enforcement officials more manageable. It allows a quick and easy way to identify law enforcement vehicles.

Importance of Alabama Law Enforcement Car Tags

Car tags play a vital role in everyday life in Alabama as they help law enforcement vehicles move around the state with ease. The distinctive tags make it easy for law enforcement officials to navigate traffic and also help the public to make way for their vehicles to pass through. They also help identify which law enforcement agency a particular law enforcement car belongs to since the letters followed by unique numbers help distinguish the different agencies.

While Alabama law enforcement vehicles have other forms of identification and lights that help distinguish them from regular civilian vehicles, car tags play an important role in quickly identifying these vehicles in regular traffic.

Off-Duty Law Enforcement Officials Car Tags

It is important to note that off-duty law enforcement officials may not have car tags on their personal vehicles. However, they do have the option to display an “LE” decal on their vehicle if authorized by their department. If an off-duty law enforcement official is using their personal vehicle for law enforcement duties, they are required by law to identify themselves as a law enforcement official, either verbally or visually, to avoid any confusion about their intention to enforce the law.


In conclusion, Alabama law enforcement car tags have a simple design, yet they play an essential role in public safety. It is important for residents in Alabama to recognize law enforcement car tags to avoid confusion with regular civilian vehicles, especially when sharing the road. Law enforcement agencies should also ensure that all their vehicles have proper identification, including car tags, to help prevent any confusion or delay in performing their duties. Overall, Alabama law enforcement car tags play an important role in maintaining law and order in the state.

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