Is Law Librarian a Good Career Choice?

July 7, 2022 - 6:14 am - 3 min read

What is a Law Librarian?

A law librarian is a professional who typically works in a law firm, court, or government agency. This individual is responsible for managing legal information resources and providing research assistance to attorneys, judges, and other legal professionals. Law librarians may also develop training materials and educate the public about legal resources and procedures.

To become a law librarian, one typically needs a college degree, as well as a graduate degree in library science or information science. Additionally, some law libraries may require a law degree or law library experience.

Skills Required for a Law Librarian

A law librarian must possess several key skills in order to be successful in their career. These include:

Information Management: The ability to organize legal documents, resources, and other information material is essential to being a law librarian.

Research Skill: Law librarians must have an excellent research skill to find the facts and necessary information for the lawyers or judges who rely on their research.

Communication Skill: The ability to communicate complex information is important in law librarianship. They must be able to explain difficult legal concepts and terms to attorneys and judges with varying levels of expertise.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Law Librarian Career


Job Security

One of the primary advantages of a law librarian career is job security. The legal profession is typically stable, and the demand for information professionals is expected to grow in the future. This means that law librarians can enjoy a stable job outlook and opportunities for advancement.

Work-Life Balance

Law librarians often have a more normal working schedule, compared to attorneys who may work long hours. This can provide a better work-life balance and allow for more family time and vacation opportunities.

Intellectually Stimulating Career

Law librarianship is an intellectually stimulating career as it requires regular engagement in ongoing legal and ethical debates to remains relevant and informative.



The salary of a law librarian is not typically as high as many jobs requiring advanced degrees, which may unnerve some professionals to try other professions within the legal services industry.

Further Education Requirements

A law librarian is expected to possess a master’s degree in library science or information science, which may require additional years of education and training for those aspiring to become one.

Working in Highly Stressful Environments

Working in a law firm or court can be extremely stressful and challenging. Law librarians are often required to work under tight deadlines and with difficult people, which can be a source of stress for some individuals.


In general, a career as a law librarian is a good choice for individuals who are interested in law and have excellent research, communication, and organizational skills. While the salary of a law librarian may not be as high as some other careers in the legal industry, the job security, work-life balance, and intellectual stimulation make it a wise choice for those who prioritize such benefits. Moreover, it’s an essential job that simplifies the work of lawyers by providing necessary resources to winning cases.


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