Is It a Lawful Crime to Hide a Car?

October 10, 2022 - 9:46 am - 3 min read


It is a well-known fact that the non-legal act of hiding a car is a common occurrence. Individuals may conceal their vehicles to avoid getting caught for traffic violations or to evade arrest. However, the question that arises is whether hiding a car is lawful under any circumstances.

In truth, hiding a car is a criminal offense under certain situations. A car that is hidden can cause problems for local law enforcement agencies, indicating that the vehicle may be involved in illegal activities. The following article will discuss the various circumstances under which it is illegal to hide a car.

When is it Illegal to Hide a Car?

1. Hiding a Car During an Ongoing Investigation

If there is an ongoing investigation related to a particular vehicle, it is illegal to hide the car in question. Hiding the vehicle could lead to tampering with evidence, which is a criminal offense. Therefore, anyone who tries to hide or transport a car that is involved in an ongoing investigation can face potential criminal charges.

2. Hiding a Car that was Used in a Crime

If a vehicle was used in the commission of a crime, it is illegal to hide the car to avoid law enforcement investigations. In these cases, the authorities may have obtained search warrants related to the case and could ask individuals who know the whereabouts of the car to disclose its current location. Therefore, hiding the vehicle could result in criminal charges, making this a crime that should be avoided at all costs.

3. Hiding a Car to Avoid Repossession

Hiding a car to avoid repossession is another circumstance in which hiding a car is illegal. If an individual owes a loan on a car, and the lender has requested repossession of the vehicle, hiding it is considered a criminal offense. Individuals who conceal cars to avoid repossession could be charged with theft and fraud by the authorities.

4. Hiding a Car to Avoid Taxation

In some circumstances, individuals may hide their cars to avoid taxation. This is an illegal activity that carries stiff penalties. Individuals who hide or attempt to hide a car to avoid taxation are committing a criminal offense.

5. Hiding a Car to Avoid Service of Process

Hiding a car to avoid service of process is another example of a situation in which hiding a car is illegal. If an individual is required to appear in court and is served with a subpoena, hiding their car to avoid attending court or avoiding the subpoena is a serious criminal offense. Individuals who obstruct the administration of justice by hiding their vehicles can face serious penalties, including fines and imprisonment.


In conclusion, it is illegal to hide a car under certain circumstances. Anyone who is considering hiding a vehicle should be aware that doing so can lead to criminal charges and hefty fines. In all cases, it is better to work with the authorities and disclose the location of the vehicle, rather than risking criminal charges and other penalties.


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