Taking Care of Your Lawn Mower: A Guide to Maintaining Your Investment

July 2, 2023 - 12:58 am - 4 min read

Maintaining your lawn mower is key to ensuring that it lasts for many years. Neglecting your lawn mower will not only reduce its lifespan but also make mowing an unpleasant experience. This article is a guide to taking care of your lawn mower and keeping it in tip-top condition.

1. Keep Your Lawn Mower Clean

It is imperative to keep your lawn mower clean after every use. Not doing so can lead to caked in grass and debris which can ultimately affect the performance of your mower. To clean your lawn mower, begin by removing any grass clippings and debris from the blades and base of the mower; you can use a hose or a broom for this. Next, empty the fuel tank or, if that is not possible, use a fuel stabilizer. Finally, store the lawn mower, preferably off the ground, to prevent moisture from rusting the blades. Cleaning your lawn mower regularly can easily extend its life.

2. Change the Oil Regularly

It’s important to remember to change your oil regularly — this will keep your lawn mower running more efficiently and will prevent your engine from being damaged. Most lawn mowers manufacturers suggest changing your oil every 50 hours of usage – but always consult the owner’s manual before you start. A good tip is to change the oil at the beginning of each season and then every 25 hours of use after that to be safe.

3. Keep the Blades Sharp

The sharpness of the lawn mower’s blades affects the quality and uniformity of the lawn surface — so keep your blades sharp! Dull blades can get the lawn mower stuck instead of cutting the grass evenly. You can sharpen your lawn mower’s blades yourself or have them sharpened professionally at a shop — you should have your blades sharpened every 25-30 hours of usage or as soon as you notice that the blades are tearing your lawn or if they have become chipped.

4. Check the Air Filter

Checking your lawn mower’s air filter is important to maintain the optimal performance of your lawn mower. Filters catch dirt and debris that could erode the engine. Check your air filter regularly and if it looks like it’s in bad shape, replace it. Some mowers have retractable air filters that can be cleaned and reused. Manufacturers suggest that you should check your air filter every season and reusability depends on the type of filter your lawn mower uses.

5. Store It Properly

When winter arrives, it’s time to store your lawn mower properly. It’s important to prepare your lawn mower for the winter months so that when you use it again next year, it’s still running well. Preparing your mower for storage includes changing the oil, performing basic maintenance, and ensuring that all fuel has been depleted. After all the prep work, store the mower in a dry, sheltered area that is not too hot or too humid. A garage or shed is ideal.

In conclusion, proper care and maintenance of your lawn mower will extend its longevity and ensure it runs smoothly throughout the seasons. Following the tips mentioned in this article will undoubtedly put you in a better position to achieve that goal. Don’t forget to reference the owner’s manual if you have any questions — and, lastly, if you still have any trouble with your mower, call a professional!

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