How to Lemon Law a Car in Maryland: A Comprehensive Guide

April 4, 2023 - 2:35 am - 3 min read

What is Maryland Lemon Law?

Maryland’s Lemon Law is a law that protects buyers who purchase a new or used car that has a significant defect. The Lemon Law in Maryland covers cars that have a defect that impairs the use, safety, or value of the vehicle. If your car falls under these categories, you have the option to seek recourse under the Maryland Lemon Law.

What Are the Requirements for Your Car to Qualify for Lemon Law?

To qualify for Lemon Law, your car must meet the following criteria:

1. The defect must have appeared within the first 24 months, or a maximum of 18,000 miles of ownership.
2. The defect should not be as a result of any modification or negligence on the owner’s part.
3. The defect must not be a minor issue that can be fixed through maintenance and repair.
4. You must have made reasonable attempts to have the vehicle fixed by the manufacturer or the dealer.

Once your car meets these criteria, you can start the process of seeking a resolution through the Lemon Law.

How to Apply for Lemon Law in Maryland

To apply for Lemon Law in Maryland:

1. Firstly, provide written notice of the defect to the manufacturer or dealer.
2. Secondly, the manufacturer or dealer is allowed to make a reasonable attempt to fix the issue.
3. If after a reasonable attempt has been made, your car still has the same defect, you may file a complaint with the Maryland Attorney General’s Office.
4. The Attorney General’s Office will then investigate your complaint and determine if your car qualifies for a Lemon Law complaint hearing.
5. If it does qualify, a hearing will be scheduled.

What Happens During a Lemon Law Hearing?

During a Lemon Law hearing:

1. Both the car owner and the dealer must be present.
2. The owner is allowed to present documented evidence of the defect and the repair attempts made by the manufacturer or dealer.
3. The dealer is also allowed to provide evidence that they have made reasonable attempts to fix the defect.
4. Finally, a judge will make a ruling on the case, and if the owner wins, they may be entitled to a full refund of the vehicle purchase price or a replacement vehicle.

What If My Car Does Not Qualify for a Lemon Law Complaint?

If your car does not meet the criteria for a Lemon Law complaint, you still have some options:

1. You can seek an alternative dispute resolution through the manufacturer’s arbitration program.
2. You can also hire an attorney to help you seek legal action in court.

What Are My Consumer Rights Under the Maryland Lemon Law?

As a consumer under the Maryland Lemon Law, you have the following rights:

1. The right to a reasonable attempt to repair a defect.
2. The right to a full refund or a replacement vehicle if the defect cannot be repaired.
3. The right to seek legal recourse if the manufacturer or dealer violates the law.

Final Thoughts

The Maryland Lemon Law provides protection to buyers who purchase a car that has significant defects. If you find yourself in this situation, it is essential to evaluate if your car meets the criteria for Lemon Law before taking the necessary steps to apply for a hearing. Do not hesitate to seek legal advice if you’re not sure about the criteria or the process. Remember, as a consumer, you have rights under the law, and it’s crucial to understand them.


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