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A Guide to Harness the Power of the Universe for Yourself and Others

Hello, Reader Kabinetrakyat! Are you someone who’s always been fascinated by the law of attraction and its impact on people’s lives? Do you believe that you have what it takes to help others achieve their goals and manifest their dreams?

If you’re nodding along, you might want to consider becoming a law of attraction coach. In this article, we’ll provide you with all the information you need – from the basic skill sets to start and the necessary qualifications, to the best practices for success in this field. Let’s dive in!

How to Become a Law of Attraction Coach

Introduction: The What, Why, and How of Law of Attraction Coaching

Before we delve into what it takes to become a successful law of attraction coach, let’s first understand what this field entails and why more and more people are turning to it as a self-improvement tool.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is a universal principle that states that like attracts like. In other words, our thoughts and emotions have the power to manifest our reality, whether it be positive or negative. When we focus our attention on what we want, the universe conspires to bring it to us through various means.

What is Law of Attraction Coaching?

As a law of attraction coach, your job is to help people understand and harness the power of this universe. You will work with clients to identify and overcome limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns, and help them clarify their goals. You’ll teach them how to visualize and affirm their desired outcomes, and finally, encourage them to take inspired action towards what they want.

Why Become a Law of Attraction Coach?

If you have a passion for personal growth and a desire to help others achieve the same, becoming a law of attraction coach can be a rewarding career path. In addition, this field is growing in popularity, and the market demand for coaches is only going to increase in the coming years. You’ll also have the freedom to work independently and provide services on your own terms.

How Can You Become a Law of Attraction Coach?

If you’re convinced that this is the right career path for you, here’s how you can get started.

Qualifications and Skills

While there’s no formal degree or certification required to become a law of attraction coach, having certain qualifications and skills can increase your chances of success. Here are a few things to keep in mind.


1. Basic knowledge of the law of attraction and its principles.

2. Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

3. An understanding of psychology or counseling can be beneficial.

4. Customer service skills for building rapport with clients.

5. An entrepreneurial mindset to help you build your own business.


1. Active listening and empathy.

2. Creativity in developing personalized plans for your clients.

3. Strong organizational and time-management skills.

4. A deep understanding of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

5. Ability to hold clients accountable, but also to inspire and motivate them.

How to Start Your Law of Attraction Coaching Business

Now that we’ve covered the basic qualifications and skills you’ll need, let’s talk about how you can start your own law of attraction coaching business.

1. Determine your niche

Before starting, determine the type of law of attraction coaching you want to offer; This can include working with specific demographics, such as business owners or stay-at-home moms, or specialize in certain areas such as goal-setting, health, or spiritual coaching.

2. Create a Business Plan

Your business plan should include services offered, your ideal target market, marketing and sales strategies, and financial goals.

3. Acquire Resources and Tools

You will need to have a website to present your services and a blog to post articles as part of your content marketing strategy. You can use technology for hosting meetings and coaching sessions online like Zoom.

4. Establish Your Rates

You will need to establish your rates; a smart way to do this is to research others in your area or niche.

5. Promote Your Services

Spread the word about your services through online marketing such as social media, podcasts, blogs, or videos on your website.

6. Build your Client Base

You can use social media platforms like facebook and LinkedIn to build your client base with targeted advertising and networking.

7. Continue Your Education

Stay up to date with the latest techniques and strategies to be a successful coach for clients. You can keep up this by attending seminars, webinars, and mastermind groups or by reading books and listening to podcasts related to law of attraction coaching.

Strengths Of Becoming A Law Of Attraction Coach

1. Helping People Achieve Their Goals

The satisfaction that comes from watching your clients achieve their goals is one of the most fulfilling aspects of a law of attraction coaching career.

2. Working Independently

You have flexibility over your work schedule and may work remotely with your clients, allowing you the independence to craft a work-life balance that’s best for you.

3. Opportunity for Continuous Learning

You have the opportunity to learn new techniques or strategies while taking advantage of networking opportunities with others who share your passion for law of attraction coaching.

4. High Demand for Career Opportunities

The coaching industry is growing, and law of attraction coaching is relatively new, so the demand is expected to grow in the coming years. It means there is a lot of potential for growth in this career field.

Weaknesses Of Becoming A Law Of Attraction Coach

1. Clients Not Committed

Some clients may not be motivated to improve their lives, and this can be draining. It is essential that your clients are committed to their journey; otherwise, it will not be fulfilling to both of you.

2. Fees Might Be Too High

If you are a new coach in the field, you may need to offer your services at a reduced rate to attract students until you’re better known.

3. Not Everyone Believes in Law of Attraction

Some people may find the principles of the law of attraction to be too far-fetched or unrealistic, so this may require more effort on your part to exhibit your abilities, and you need evidence to back-up this claim.

4. Need to Constantly Fine-tune Your Approach

As coaching is a highly competitive field, you have to fine-tune your techniques and strategies continually. You need to stay abreast with the most powerful and efficient tools to help your clients accomplish their goals.

Table: Complete Information to Become a Law of Attraction Coach

Topics Skills Qualification Resources and Tools
Determine your niche Creativity, Understanding of Target Demographic None Market Analysis
Create a Business Plan Research and Analytical Skills None Business Plan Template
Acquire Resources and Tools Technological Skills None Website, Blogging Platform, Online Coaching Tools
Establish Your Rates Excellent Communication and Marketing Abilities Informational Interviews, Self-study Price Comparison Websites
Promote Your Services Marketing and Networking Skills None Social Media, Podcasts, Blogs, Videos
Build Your Client Base Networking skills None Social Media, LinkedIn, Face-to-Face Meetings
Continue Your Education Continuous Learning and Development Skills Seminars, Webinars, Mastermind Groups, Reading, Listening Networking Events

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does a law of attraction coach do?

A law of attraction coach helps their clients understand the law of attraction, overcome limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns, and clarify their goals. You’ll teach them how to visualize and affirm their desired outcomes, and encourage them to take inspired action towards what they want.

2. Do I need a degree to become a law of attraction coach?

While a degree is not mandatory, obtaining qualifications in psychology or counseling can be beneficial, although not necessary.

3. How do I find clients as a law of attraction coach?

You can find clients through social media platforms, targeted ads, networking events, face-to-face meetings, or website referrals.

4. How much do law of attraction coaches make?

Your earning potential will depend on your experience, reputation, and the region where you live.

5. Can law of attraction coaching be done remotely?

Law of attraction coaching can be done remotely through video conferencing tools such as Zoom.

6. How long does it take to become a law of attraction coach?

While there are no set guidelines, the best way is to gain experience while continuing to build a network of potential clients, which may take a minimum of six months to go public.

7. Do I need to believe in the law of attraction to become a coach?

It is not necessary, but it is crucial for you to at least have an open mind so you can approach coaching objectively.

Conclusion: Seize the Opportunity to Make a Difference

Becoming a law of attraction coach can be a challenging yet rewarding career path. Remember that it requires hard work, the right qualifications, and continuous learning and development. As a law of attraction coach, you have the opportunity to not only help others achieve their goals but also to make a difference in the world. If you’re ready to take the first step, dive into this exciting career in personal growth and development today.

Closing Words

In conclusion, becoming a law of attraction coach involves understanding the principles of the law of attraction, acquiring the necessary qualifications and skills, and putting in the hard work to build your business. There are challenges you’ll need to overcome, but the rewards of helping others manifest their dreams are well worth it. Good luck as you launch your career in this exciting field!


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